we are bondy

Bondy was born as part of an idea of a more global and decentralized recruitment agency.

We believe that everyone should have access to global work.


To erase political borders.
To achieve that, we work as bridges between people and decentralized work; we want to be a bridge between any person and a job anywhere in the world.

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This is our personal commitment.

We are interested in working with people who care about the lives of others: it is good for our team and for our environment. Empathy and respect are values ​​that we seek to preserve in all the labor links that we establish at Bondy Group

At Bondy Group, we are interested in sharing everything we have learned since day one. We seek to define objectives and strategies together. We are interested in maintaining healthy, transparent team dynamics that create a framework for professional development.

We are not interested in perpetuating traditions.
In an environment of constant change, questioning the meaning of traditions, structures and patterns is a key exercise to find the best work practices. Flexibility and innovation define us and help us make a difference.

We all have the right to access a job and, with that we all deserve to dream and seek personal progress and pursue ideals of growth. This is the focus of our work dynamics: collaborating with the improvement of people’s quality of life by innovating and transforming ourselves and each other towards what we are actually trying to do with their careers.

This is our personal commitment with the team, with the company and with the world.
We live our work based on these values, it is what guides the way we make any decision, from the most difficult to the simplest.

Our team

We are Bondys!


I’ve worked in the tech industry for over 15 years and counting! Psychologist, Trekker, sci-fi lover, community builder. Need a team and don’t know where to start? Talk to me.


I’m a Sourcer Specialist, comics and data analysis lover. My beginnings in IT were by chance! I used to work as a lawyer specializing in gender violence, and found in Recruiting a place to make significant change.


I’m an oriented-to-detail business manager who’s always seeking new business opportunities and taking care of client relationships. I’m also a music fan and love to play with my dog, Greta.


I’ve worked in Recruiting for IT Companies since 2017. My mission as an IT recruiter is to find the most accurate profile for each position. Music is a vital part of my life and gives me a unique way of seeing the world.


Lawyer turned sourcer. After 7 years of government law practice, I decided to shift my focus to technologies. I am currently exploring some of the latest libraries and frameworks. Also, I love animals and video games.


Food lover. I’m responsible for every BBQ at Bondy. I’m part of the Talent Acquisition team and my specialty is keeping clients happy. Over the years I have developed as a referent of the TA team.


I’m a Technical Sourcer who helps IT companies to identify and hire the best talent in the market. My goal is to generate nice and lasting ties between companies and people. Dog lover and amateur snowboarder.


I have a degree in Psychology and have worked in the IT sector for three years. In my free time, I read, swim and go out to clubs and art exhibitions. I believe we need different perspectives of good life to help people.


I studied psychology to build amazing spaces with incredible stories. Fan of videogames, sci-fi and technology. I live in constant search of unifying what I love with what I do for work. To me, that’s happiness.

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We work with different industries and clients, so we end the day incorporating a lot of new interests and potential projects. Some of us are true geeks, and we can prove it. We start a whole new section on our blog about videogames, e-sports and some other geeky derivatives. Come and check it out! Work is in progress, but we think it is going to be great!

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