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Finding talent is a craft that combines discipline, technical tools and a well-trained eye. Discipline is key to staying ahead of each industry’s needs and update the outreach to candidates constantly. Trending methodologies and tech tools are great to exhaust all search channels and get a broad visibility of available candidates for all positions. Perception is perhaps the most important ability to find a candidate that is tailored to the needs and culture of our clients.


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At Bondy, we believe that a good headhunter needs reach in the labor market we make sure our processes are aligned with the latest technology. as much as the ability to understand the demands of each requirement. In other words, we believe that there is no such thing as the perfect candidate, but rather the ideal candidate for our client and the ideal company for each candidate.


This is why our headhunting service combines search design methodologies, digital tools, and the highly crafted work of Bondy staff. We are convinced that technology has a lot to contribute to our work, so we make sure our processes are aligned with the latest technology. But it is the experienced/seasoned recruiter that will identify the best talent for our client.

How do our headhunters work?

First of all, Bondy headhunters meet with their client to understand their needs. This means that we help companies design the role that fits their team: what level of seniority they should seek, what kind of work modality they should adopt, what skills are essential to the profile, and what offer will be attractive enough to get that candidate.

Secondly, we analyze the labor market and create a strategy according to the characteristics of the search. We then select recruitment channels, develop a plan to approach as many potential candidates as possible, and assess each case to bring in those we consider ideal.

Once the candidates have been introduced to their potential employer, we accompany both parties in the negotiation process to ensure that both, client and candidate are satisfied with an agreement. Yes, we provide end-to-end support.


We optimize your recruiting process to the maximum.


We find the best candidates for your company.

When does a company need headhunters?

The headhunting service could offer a significant contribution to your business. Consulting with a headhunter offers advantages to Human Resources teams in a variety of situations.

The three most traditional scenarios are searching for a profile with a low supply of candidates, searching for a profile with a high pool of candidates, and the difficulty in determining the profile needed.

Here are some articles that explore each scenario.

Headhunting in the search for a profile with a low supply of candidates

In cases where there is a low supply of candidates in the labor market, it is critical to rely on the headhunting service. This is a common scenario in the technology industry, where many companies are looking for professionals who have mastered certain technologies. In these cases, the skill of the headhunter will be essential to bring a very attractive offer to the sought-after professional.

It may also happen that, due to the novelty of a specific technology, there are only a handful of names that master it, in which case the search will be much more challenging. In this scenario, the headhunter’s network of contacts and creativity will be crucial to finding the profile the client needs. Also, as in the previous case, the headhunter´s ability to craft a desirable offer for the professional will be critical in interesting them in first contact.

Headhunting in a search with a high supply of candidates

Contrary to what it may seem, finding the right candidate in labor markets crowded with professionals can be a challenging task. When there is an oversupply of candidates, The client might lose sight of the skillset they are seeking for the role, and this, in turn, might lead to cutting the process short.

In these cases, the headhunter’s ability to filter out unsuitable profiles, assess the most suitable ones, and bring only the ideal ones to the client will be fundamental.

Headhunting in a search still to be defined

Many times, clients approach Bondy because they understand that something in their team has stopped working. Others know that their staff need to grow but do not know the appropriate profiles to incorporate. These are the cases in which our experience allows us to help other companies. Getting close to our clients and understanding their goals and work dynamics are usually the first step to analyzing and diagnosing what kind of search we should start. 

If your company is going through any of these scenarios, Bondy can help you.

About our headhunting for companies service

These could be, access to a wider pool of candidates, and the ability to save time and money on the hiring process.

Recruitment is the process of attracting, screening, and selecting candidates for an open position. Headhunting is a type of recruitment that focuses on finding passive candidates who are not actively looking for a new job.

Some tips for working with a headhunter might include being clear about what you’re looking for, doing your research, and being prepared to interview.

Headhunting in recruitment process is the act of finding and recruiting candidates who are not actively looking for a new job.

The main difference between headhunting and executive search is that executive search is a type of headhunting that focuses on finding senior-level executives.

Headhunters typically charge a fee for their services. The exact amount varies depending on the company, the position, and other factors. This is also affected by bonuses, goals and different stimulus packages provided by the company they work for.

Headhunters typically look for talented employees who may not be actively looking for a new job. They typically have a database of potential candidates and work with employers to identify the best fit for open positions.

The difference between headhunting and staffing is that headhunting is a type of recruitment that focuses on finding passive candidates who are not actively looking for a new job. Staffing is the process of providing employees to an organization on a temporary basis.

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